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The ESI Show Toronto
Introducing NailLift, a Brand-New Toenail Bracing System!

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Date and Time

Sunday, April 14th 3:00pm -3:50pm EST


Room 206-A
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
255 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2W6

Class Description

Nail technicians looking to expand their repertoire and clientele can learn how to correct ingrown toenails in style!

NailLift is an innovative solution for ingrown toenails that provides immediately visible improvement and instant pain relief upon application. Created by Japanese physician and medical device developer, Dr. Tomoyuki, and introduced in the Japanese market over 5 years ago, it has since become one of the country's most popular toenail braces.
NailLift is not just fully compatible with gel and powder pedicures, but actually improved by them. Adding NailLift application to a nail technician's list of services can help attract new clients who normally prefer to keep their toes covered, as well as upsell regular pedicures to luxury services.


50 minutes

Fee and information

This is one of the 80 live and prerecorded lectures and classes that will be featured at the ESI Toronto Show. All ESI ticketholders can attend this class for free. No prior registration is required.