What is NailLift?

NailLift is a doctor-developed, innovative solution for ingrown toenails. It uses a powerful wire brace which attaches to the curved nail with clips to provide immediate upward relief and slowly correct the curvature of the nail.

Before NailLift, people with painful, curved toenails had two main options: use at-home treatments that take months to provide real relief, or have surgery to remove part or all of the curved nail. However, sometimes even surgery cannot fully fix the issue, and the recovery can be very painful. It can also be very costly to have such an operation.

The product of many trials and evidence-based comparisons, NailLift is a revolutionary new option that provides instant pain relief. In just a few easy steps, you can attach the brace at home, or with professional help at a nail salon or doctor’s office, and feel immediate pain reduction from day one.


Materials <Wire>

<Coating resin>
Shape memory alloy
(Titanium-nickel alloy)
SUS304 Stainless steel alloy
Wire Length 30 millimeters
Diameter 0.35 millimeters
Japanese #6236581
Korean #10-2253306
Chinese #ZL201780049652.6
Russian #2737016
USA Pending
EU #EP3424470