How to Remove NailLift from Under a Gel Pedicure

To remove a NailLift brace from beneath a gel pedicure, use the black side of the included nail file to scrape away the gel polish until the full triangle of each clip is exposed. Then, continue removing the brace as usual.

*Color gel was used here for visual reference.

The photo on the left shows the nail with the gel pedicure intact. The photo on the right was taken after filing away the nail polish with the coarse black side of the nail file to expose the NailLift brace’s triangular clips.

As shown in the picture on the left, hook a small, thin object behind each clip and pull firmly outward. The Clip Remover included with our NailLift Wire Cutters is the most effective tool, but cuticle pushers and tweezers may also be used.
Hold the toe firmly in position when removing the clips.

The picture shows the specialized NailLift removal tool included with our wire cutters. This handy tool makes the removal process easier, and can also be used to clean under nails.

The picture on the right shows the nail after removing the NailLift brace. The remaining gel can be filed down with the black side of the nail file and smoothed with the white side.

To remove the gel nail polish completely, use commercially available nail polish remover (acetone) and follow these instructions:

1) Using a coarse nail file, file the entire surface of the toe until the gel polish is rough and scratched.

2) Cut a cotton ball or layer tissues big enough to cover the surface of the nail. Soak this in nail polish remover and layer over the nail.

3) Wrap toe and soaked cotton or tissue together in aluminum foil. Keep covered for about 15 minutes.

4) Once the gel has softened, use the rounded edge of the NailLift removal tool to gently scrape the nail polish off.

5) Wash your hands and nails thoroughly with soap.